We merge Art and Software to create interactive experiences and video games.
Reliable software development of INTERACTIVE APPS AND ROBUST infrastructure

Our Methodology

Whether you want to learn more about your users or surprise your customers this is our recipe for success:

Infrastructure & Deployment

Backend development and DevOps services to support data collection and compelling analytics.

Interaction Design

We can help you out turning your research ideas into mechanics and measurements for you to conduct your studies.

Project Management

We'll provide project management, communication tools and sprint boards to sensure a smooth and successful process.

Our Clients

We enable leading academic Institutions and companies around the world
to collect data about human behavior using interactive experiences:


Unity Mobile

An engaging, interactive mobile cognitive assessment tool that evaluates multiple dimensions of cognitive control quickly and without ceiling or floor effects.
Our role:

We’ve been maintaining and developing new features for this application for more that two years now. The application is developed in Unity and is deployed in iOS, Android, and WebGL. Data is sent to either Firebase or UCSF’s Nexus (RCT platform).


"They’re able to shuffle things around and take care of things without fail. It’s been really great working with Alternova."
Joaquin Anguera, PhD / Principal Investigator
UCSF - Neuroscape


Unity Desktop

Life-like and intuitive environment for virtual events, team building or practically any online gathering. Through the use of an avatar, you can see, hear and collaborate.
Our role:

We’ve been working in Meeti2i since the beginning of the remote life caused by the 2020 pandemic. We have a dedicated team of developers creating new features and scaling up the platform. This platform is built in Unity and deployed in MacOS, Windows and WebGL applications. It uses a combination of custom WebRTC, Agora.io, Firebase, and Photon Engine to achieve a fun and seamless experience.


"Their ability to adapt and learn is also impressive."
Tyler Welch


Data Collection Backend

Nexus is a random control trials platform that supports collecting remote data using video games, surveys, and other tasks.
Our role:

We started developing this platform in early 2020 and it is now live. It is built using Django REST framework and deployed in AWS ECS Fargate using Terraform which is ideal to minimize maintenance from the client’s perspective.




Vue.js Web App

Apps that gives parents guidance to improve communication during the educational process of their children. Back and front end development.
Our role:

We designed these applications back in 2019 and we’ve been working on them since then. They are developed in VueJs with Django Rest Framework as their backend.


"Their communication and follow-up were great. They're always very flexible and solutions-focused."
Melissa Dvorsky, PhD / Postdoctoral Researcher
UCSF Psychiatry Department

Why work with us?

We are flexible, transparent and efficient. Your success is our success.

Flexible &

We start by deeply understanding our clients' needs and then designing a plan that adapts to their work style, time, and available budget.


We keep open and direct communication with our clients. They can always know where the project stands and give feedback accordingly.


We are part of our clients' team. Their success is ours, so we work with them until their goals are achieved.

Our Tech Stack

Frontend (Web, mobile, VR, AR)
Backend and DevOps

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