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Digital training for kids

The application is part of a training program designed to strengthen and build brain connectivity so children can find success in the classroom and unleash their untapped potential. It is composed of different games inside the same app as exercises for kids to address the following challenges associated with Learning, Focus, Behavior and/or Socialization*

Our role:

We are building the new version of this app, from scratch, in Unity. In addition to rebuilding the games in Unity, we implemented a new UI designed provided by the client, we built a Django server to manage the firebase database and generate reports, and we refactored (both in functionality and UI) Rhythmicity and added it to this application. Rhythmicity is a UCSF game intended to train kids in enhancing their cognitive abilities by providing exercises that combine sound, visual effects and fast response times. We’re also the developers of the current version of that app.

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Tech stack for this project

  • Unity
  • Firebase
  • Nexus

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