Researching Alzheimer's and dementia prevention


Virtual Reality & tablet game designed to improve spatial wayfinding and broader cognitive capabilities. The objective is to enhance older adults’ memory. The game involves spatial exploration of unfamiliar, complex environments by immersing the user into learning new neighborhoods, and finding the most efficient route between landmarks. Demands increase to attend to details about new neighborhood landmarks. This sort of environmental enrichment vitalizes brain networks that enable learning, which more broadly enhance capabilities in higher cognition. A paper related to the first iteration of this project (not developed by us) can be found here

Our role:

We have been developing the second version of this application sicne the end of 2019. This new version is a complete rebuild in Unity, optimized both for iPad and Oculus Quest 2. The new app will use Nexus as its progress tracking engine and its backend to store results from sessions.

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  • imagen_galeria_proyectos

Tech stack for this project

  • Unity
  • Nexus

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